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The new mod installation process in summary:
Extract the files within into LiF game folders, to the path Life is Feudal Your Own/art/arkloader/
Further information is given below”

1. Close Life is Feudal.
2. Click link. Arkloader will be automatically downloaded.
3. Unzip the file, extract the file “materials.cs.dso” to a convenient location.
4. Go to your steam Library and right click on Life is Feudal in your game list.
5. Select “Properties”.
6. Along the top of the window that pops up, select the tab labeled “LOCAL FILES”.
7. Select “BROWSE LOCAL FILES”. This will open a File Explorer window listing your Life is Feudal.
8. Within the game files, find and navigate into “art” folder.
9. Within the art folder, look for “arkloader” folder. If this doesn’t exist, create a new folder and name it “arkloader”.
10. Drag/drop, or copy paste the “materials.cs.dso” file into the arkloader folder.
11. Launch Life is Feudal.
12. There should be a box at the top left with a dropdown.
– select “Dark Age Kingdoms”
– tick the box for auto update/install.
– Select “Install”.
13. You should be greeted by a message and a count stating the number of updates.
12. The game may restart during the installation of these mod updates – this is normal.
If you see a countdown to restart, just wait for your game to relaunch.