Dark Age Kingdoms

Dark Age Kingdoms PVP Server
Fresh 6.25.17
PVP KOS | Siege Towers | Full Loot on Claim

T1 Monument resources provided!

If you are afraid to die or otherwise overly connected to your pixels, you will not enjoy this server.


LiF Server

Map: Wishbone


Server Rules

If you have questions about rules/mods, come to teamspeak and speak with a GM.

Screenshot or video required for complaints. Don’t waste our time with unfounded crap.

All rules that are updated will be highlighted in orange and are in effect immediately.


1. Realistic and era appropriate player name required. ( We are primarily attempting to avoid names such as: aaaaaa aaaaaa, bambambam bamabamabm, etc. )

2. DO NOT claim clay pits. Your monument will be removed if it even partially covers a clay pit.

3. Griefing will NOT be tolerated. Intentional destruction of buildings just to destroy them is unacceptable and will result in a permanent ban for the aggressor. This includes deconstructing blueprints if you are not from the guild who placed them.

There are two exceptions to this that apply during sieges:
1. If you have created a kill pit to block an entrance or pathway, the building may be destroyed.
2. Defensive structures and buildings that provide bind points are always subject to attack and destruction.

4. Claims must be accessible by foot (You should be able to walk a trade cart into your claim and behind your walls. ) – prayer for home coming cannot be the only way in. If there is no access point to your claim, your monument will be deleted.

5. A moat/trench can be dug around your castle but it must have at least one flattened tile.

6. There must be at least one exit from all moats/trenches.

7. NO tree walls.

8. All claims must be a minimum of 150 tiles from the edge of the nearest monument. If you’d like to settle closer than the limits to the other existing claims, seek consent from your neighbors, and document the conversation with a screenshot. In future disputes, the right of the land will be given to the older claim.

Any claim built within the 150 tile range is not protected by any rules and anything goes. Period.

Combat and Raiding

Raid Timers

1. Raid timers are unique to individual factions that are attacking.

2. Raid timers are specific to Claims and NOT players.

3. There is a 1-hour timer between allowed raiding any claim.

4. If a battle begins in an open field and the enemy retreats to their claim, that does not create a safe space.

Accessing Claims

1. ABSOLUTELY NO WALL JUMPING TO GAIN ACCESS TO A CLAIM. Walls may not be jumped to gain access for any reason at any time. This includes using: Bark Boxes, Log ladders, buildings, pounce, etc. – Build a Siege Tower, Treb or Explosives.

You can jump walls to exit a fortified position or leave a claim.

2. Any player using a glitch, exploit, hack, or conducting themselves in a manner deemed to be a harm to the server will be banned at the discretion of the admins. This includes Goomba Stomping (Human Ladders), Logging out/in exploit, creating murder pits with movable objects, etc.


1. Siege Towers cannot be moved by the defenders until the attackers who brought the tower have been repelled.

You can consider the attackers repelled if there is no one other than a defender within roughly 25 tiles of the siege tower and there are no attackers inside of your walls.

Server & Claim Etiquette

1. Remove unnecessary blueprints.

2. No “murder pits” causing players to glitch and eventually die.

3. Uproot your stumps.

Interacting with Admins

1. Do NOT attack a GM character IF they have GM Robes on. They are unmistakably bright white.

2. Disrespecting GMs, ridiculing their decisions, and excessively arguing with them will result in warnings, and then temporary/permanent bans for repeat offenders.

3. Do not argue with GMs in global. If you want to speak with GMs about an issue private message us on the TS when we are available.

4. GMs take suggestions and feedback from players very seriously – if you have a suggestion or idea that you feel would help improve the server, please let us know.